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Education-related Papers

The following is a list of Planck education-related publications in refereed journal articles and conference proceedings. The list is derived from the Planck Education and Public Outreach Publications list. The latter may be more current, and some of the titles below link directly to that site.

Title Authors Publication

Goals for "Astro 101": Report on Workshops for Department Leaders Partridge and Greenstein Astron. Educ. Rev. 2 (2), 46 (2004)

Planck Visualization Project: Seeing and Hearing the Cosmic Microwave Background van der Veen Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future, ASP Conf. Ser. 431, 295 (2010)

Sonifying the Cosmic Microwave Background McGee et al. Proc. of the 17th International Conf. on Auditory Display (ICAD2011) (2011)

Developing the Planck Mission Simulation as a Multi-platform Immersive Application Dekker et al. Proc. of the ASME 2011 World Conference on Innovative Virtual Reality, Paper #WINVR2011-5575 (2011)

Draw your Physics Homework? Art as a Path to Understanding in Physics Teaching. van der Veen Am. Educ. Res. J. (21 Feb 2012)
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